Let’s play Holi

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Every year, on the day a fool moon announces the begin­ning of spring, the whole of India cel­e­brates Holi.

Kάθε χρόνο, με την πανσέληνο που φέρνει την αρχή της άνοιξης, ολόκληρη η Ινδία γιορτάζει το Holi. To Holi υμνεί τον έρωτα του Κρίσνα για την Ράντα, τη γονιμότητα και επιστροφή στη ζωή. Είναι πιο πολύχρωμη, η πιο πληθωρική και φωτογονική γιορτή της Ινδίας.


Holi is the cel­e­bra­tion of the love of Krishna for Radha, of fer­til­ity and rebirth. It is India’s most colour­ful, joy­fully exu­ber­ant pho­to­genic festival.


Each and every year, to usher in the Spring, the cel­e­brated sea­son of love and life, the whole of India plays. Plays with colours.



Street sell­ers sell “gulal” a brightly coloured pow­der bags. Every­one is get­ting ready…


To begin in the night of full moon, there is much danc­ing around bon­fires, to cel­e­brate the vic­tory of the gods over deamons.


And as the day breaks, another fes­ti­val begins. Splashes of pink, show­ers of red, clouds of green, streaks of yel­low! The game is to throw colours and water over your friends and neig­bours, or sim­ple passers by…and do so liberally!


Pig­ments of colour run from the hair to the ear, slip between sari and skin, neck and shirt col­lars, nails, shoes…



Fell happy, share in the cel­e­bra­tion, wish each other good for­tune, enjoy, embrace your fel­low man.


And as the sun starts to set, you wash you scrub, you change into your finest clothes and then you drink, you eat you laugh some more…


And finally fall asleep with mul­ti­coloured dreams.


Pho­tos by Veronique Dur­ruty for Kenzo par­fums, Edi­tions de La Martiniere.

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