Smells like Christmas

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 But wait. What does Christ­mas smell like to you?


Like a fire­place? {can’t remem­ber when}

Some­thing spicy? {can’t remem­ber what}

Your mum’ s Christ­mas menu? Not so bad, not enough good. But still delish.

Your dad’s car, ready to depart in the cold weather,

the smell of gasoline,

the scent of old tires.

A plas­tic bag from your favorite depart­ment store?

Grandma’s démodé cologne?

A food? A place?

Christ­mas is a scent. It’s a trace from your child­hood. That’s why you love Christ­mas or you pre­tend you don’t love Christ­mas. Because unfor­tu­nately you cor­re­spond with the child you used to be. Either naughty or nice.

You see, Christ­mas were never real. There have always been a win­ter dream, a sweet dream, a woody aroma.

Like the fol­low­ing selec­tion of amaz­ing can­dles espe­cially made for Merry per­fumed Christmas!


Warm (frank­in­cense)
Fes­tive Frank­in­cense & All­spice Sin­gle Wick Can­dle, Molton Brown (Heaven On Earth, 16 Lev­i­dou Street, Kifisia, Athens).


Heavy & fruity (man­darine form Brazil)
Noel, Annick Goutal (Heaven On Earth, 16 Lev­i­dou Street, Kifisia, Athens).


Rich & smoky (Chest­nut)
Roasted Chest­nut deluxe can­dle, Jo Mal­one (Attica)

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 8.18.52 PM

Woody & ele­gant (vetiver and patchouli)
Cognac Amber, Dip­tyque Paris (Attica)


Cozy & nat­ural (pine wood)
Win­ter For­est, L’ Occ­i­tane en Provence


Μerry Christ­mas ladies

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